Friday, May 5, 2017

Missing ~ Reviewed by Elizabeth Barnes

"Here I am, children. Right over here. Step off that safe, moonlit path and come meet me. You aren't afraid, are you? "


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The novel opens with Winter Crane who lives in a small poverty stricken town in Kentucky. Like many teens in town, she has one hope - to graduate high school and escape to the big city. Just like her older sister and her best friend did. Except Winter cannot seem to get ahold of them.

Due to an abusive home life, she tends to take care of herself. One day in the woods, Winter rescues a young man in trouble who happens to be looking for Winter's best friend - the same friend that Winter has been unable to reach. While trying to figure out the whereabouts of her missing friend, Winter begins to think that not everyone in town made it to the big city. Can she solve the mystery before anyone else goes missing?

This novel was SO CREEPY. Small towns, dark forests, and a psychopath playing twisted games was definitely a novel for me.

What I liked the most about "Missing" was its social criticism. Winter, who lives in a small town trailer park and often goes hungry, and Lennon and Jude, who are the adopted sons of billionaires, the author explores class divides and prejudices. Interactions between the characters shows consideration of class, wealth and privilege, and Winter also criticizes the idea of Southern "charm".

The only reason this novel did not receive a 5 start rating from me was because I was so disappointed in how the mystery was resolved.

I do not regret reading this novel, and I love how this main
character was so atmospheric. I am very interested in reading more books by this author.

Special thanks to NetGalley & the Publisher for the copy!

I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars.

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